Terms & Conditions

  1. Deans Events Limited (or Deans Events Ltd) is Registered at Companies House under Company Number 08760757.  Our VAT Registration Number is 267 9282 55.
  2. Whenever the term “Deans Events” is used, this also incorporates “Deans Events Limited”.
  3. Whenever the term “Hirer” or “Client” is used; this is the person who is named on the invoice and who has made the booking via the booking form or email correspondence.
  4. Whereever the term “owner” is used, this means Deans Events Ltd of 9 Smarts Close, Brackley, Northamptonshire, NN136NL.
  5. All bookings are made subject to availability and therefore please check your dates with us prior to completing your booking form.
  6. All equipment remains the property of the owner.
  7. If booking Chair Covers – it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the venue does not intend to change their chairs at any point prior to the date of the event and that the chair covers fit the venue’s chairs. Chair covers must not be taken outside a venue; they are for indoor use only. However, our chair covers may be hired for alfresco wedding ceremonies at specific venues with prior agreement from the owner.  In these situations, written permission will be given only if the ground is totally dry to avoid staining to the feet pockets and rain is not forecast for the day.
  8. If booking centrepieces – it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure lit flames are allowed in the venue.  If a battery candle is required, please advise the owner as this may alter the quotation.
  9. Prices quoted are for one days hire only, apart from the day of delivery and collection. Subsequent days will be charged at a daily rate unless a special agreement has been arranged prior to the event between the owner and the hire
  10. How to book :- to formally book Deans Events a completed booking form will be required to be returned either in the post or via email.
    1. No payments are required until 8 weeks before the event date unless specifically advised of by the owner.
    2. If the hirer does wish to make any interim payments / pay in instalments, then this is completely fine.  To do so, please let the owner know and they will issue you with an invoice number to use as a reference to make all payments by.  Each time the hirer then makes a payment, they must use that invoice number as reference and advise the owner of the payment and a receipt will be issued with a schedule of payments made and balance outstanding.
    3.The only time a non-refundable deposit payment will be requested is if the hirer is looking to have a bespoke item made for an event or particular product range brought in for them for their event.  If this is the case it will be pre-agreed with the hirer prior to the booking.
    4. It may also be that a section of the booking will fall under a bespoke items as referred to above but it will not be billed upfront.  If this is the case, the hirer will be advised from the offset that although payment hasn’t been requested upfront, if the hirer cancels the booking and it has incurred costs to the owner then they will still be liable for that sum.
  11. Final payment is due no later than a week prior to an event.  Deans Events will automatically contact you about 8 weeks prior to the event date to finalise the numbers with you and then once finalised to raise the invoice.  Please note that set up will only be done if cleared payment is received.
  12. Loss/Damages:  in the event of loss or damages, the owner will notify the hirer as soon as possible of what is lost/damaged (with evidence if possible) and the costs that may be involved if they can be repaired or if they need replacing.  The owner will always aim to see if any product item can be fixed to reduce the costs but in the event that a product is damaged beyond repair, an invoice for damages will be issued for payment.   The owner usually aims to notify the hirer of damages if there are any within 7 days after the event.
  13. Alterations to bookings – Alterations to bookings with more than 8 weeks notice will not effect the clients booking but are subject to the written agreement of the owner.
  14. Alterations with less than 8 weeks notice or if the final invoice has been requested by the client will only be agreed at the discretion of the owner.  If the hirer’s booking is severely reduced and stock has already been ordered and prepared, the owner still reserves the right to charge for these items in full and the client is still responsible to pay for these items in full.
  15. Cancellation – in the event of cancellation with more than 8 weeks notice to the event, the client not be liable for any financial contribution towards the booking unless they have any pre-agreed non-refundable sum billed or highlighted as owing under point 10 mentioned above.  In the event that the client has a pre-agreed sum paid on account towards a bespoke item or a particular item that was brought in for them for their wedding then that specified sum will still be payable.
  16. Cancellation – in the event of cancellation with less than 8 weeks notice before the event, the client will be contract bound to pay the remaining balance in full.
  17. Bespoke Orders: as previously mentioned in point 10 and 15 above; if the hirer has ordered something from the owner that has had to be specifically manufactured or ordered in and the hirer cancels the booking, or that part of the booking, the hirer will still be responsible for the payment of that item as would have been advised in the event of cancellation.
  18. The Owner is not responsible for injury to any person(s) or damage to property however sustained arising from the goods hired.  All items hired will be installed by the Owner in line with manufacturer guidelines to avoid and Health & Safety issue.
  19. The Owner reserves the right to use any photography of events for promotional purposes unless otherwise advised by the Hirer.
  20. In the event of sudden severe weather (e.g. snow/severe storms) the owner will make every effort to complete all bookings made. However, the owner will not endanger any of  the owners vehicle(s) or employee(s) in trying to do so. In the unlikely event that this occurs all monies paid in advance will be refunded in full to the client.
  21. Dance floor booking requirements.  Upon booking a dance floor, for our Public Liability Cover we advise you of the following:
    1. Deans Events have advised the hirer that they will ensure the dance floor is laid correctly in line with manufacturers instructions and to meet all Health and Safety standards and that it will be laid dry (to avoided slippages) and ready for appropriate safe use.  Once laid, the dance floor must not be moved by anyone other than the owner to avoid damage to the floor.
    2. Deans Events advise the hirer that drinks and food are not permitted on the dance floor for Health and Safety reasons as well as for the reason that it will interfere with the workings of the dance floor.  It is the responsibility of the hirer to ask the DJ to make an announcement during the beginning of the evening to advise our guests not to take food and drink onto the dance floor Safety reasons and again should the need arise if guests do not listen and it poses a potential issue.
    3. Deans Events do not accept any liability for any slips, trips, falls or incidents occurring that are not in relation to the mechanical workings of the dance floor.
  22. Dance floors will only be laid inside on commercial grade flooring at venues.  We will not lay them in a marquee unless it’s a purpose built all year round marquee with the raised reinforced floor to prevent water damage to the floor.  It is also important that it is a level floor so that the electrical connectors touch between panels to ensure the starlight effect works to give the hirer maximum enjoyment of the product.  If you are unsure, please ask the Owner to advise you if a floor can be laid at your venue.
  23. By confirming you wish to book our services, either by returning a booking form or by putting it in email confirmation is deemed as you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of hire.
  24. If the hirer would like clarification on any of the above terms before making a booking or sending any payments, please do not hesitate to contact the owner.
  25. Terms & Conditions can be subject to minor change and if this is the case they will be up to date on our website and the hirer will be notified accordingly.
  26. COVID 19 – If Covid restrictions put in place by the government causes the hirer to need to postpone the event date, then the owner will happily move that over in our diary at no financial cost as long as the owner has availability.  That will not effect prices quoted and not cause any admin fee at all.
  27. Payment Method
    Cheques – Please make all cheques payable to “Deans Events Limited” – the hirer must ensure that they allow the 5 working days it takes for our business account to clear cheques.
    Internet Banking / BACS –  Account Name: Deans Events Ltd,  Account Number: 22778660  , Sort Code: 30-92-55  Bank: Lloyds.  
    By Credit/Debit card – the owner do not have a card payment facility.  It is possible, however, for a PayPal invoice to be raised and emailed over.  There is a link in that to enable the hirer to pay via credit/debit card.  If using this method it will incur a 2.9% transaction fee to cover PayPal’s management fees.